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Crest Nicholson


Aerial plan of proposal

We have now submitted two planning applications to South Gloucestershire Council, to cover the land to either side of the railway line and linked by the South Gloucestershire Transport Link (SGTL).

Our proposals include:
  • Much-needed new homes provided for local people with a range of residential types and tenures, including affordable housing
  • A new primary school
  • A multi-use building comprising doctors surgery, library, community meeting space, children’s and youth facilities
  • Local retail, food and drink outlets
  • Sports pitches and changing facilities
  • Good quality, safe and convenient connections to leisure, employment and community uses
  • New pedestrian/cycle routes
  • Sufficient resident and visitor parking while ensuring that the parked car does not dominate the streetscene

Northern Site: Is a hybrid planning application for the development of up to 327 homes with associated infrastructure. A hybrid application means that we will be seeking full planning permission for 150 homes, the associated access and earthworks, Public Open Space, landscaping and drainage infrastructure on part of the site. We will be seeking outline planning permission for up to 177 homes with associated infrastructure on the other part of the Northern Site. An outline application means that we will be seeking permission for the principle of development and access arrangements with a more detailed application following at a later time.

Southern Site: An outline planning application for up to 1,290 homes, a new local centre, community uses and associated infrastructure. As with part of the Northern Site, this means that we are seeking permission for the principle of development and access, with more detailed applications to follow to determine elements such as layout options and design.

Together, these applications will deliver a new primary school, a mixed use local centre and a mixed use community hub.